With Project Copilot, we provide an AI assistant that writes a complete user story from a title and an idea draft. Our goal is to include all the relevant information that helps to make it actionable, negotiable, and useful for all the stakeholders in a software agile project.

How well are we doing that? 30% better if you use ChatGPT with the latest model GPT-4 with your own prompts.

Customizing User Stories: What if I want to use it to write a user story with my own sections, with my own goals, narrative, and format? You can, you only need to provide an example of how to write the user story in your project.

AI for All Types of Issues: What if I want to use AI to write all the types of issues that I have in an agile software project. Can I do that? Yes, you can use our agent to define how to write your different types of issues in your agile software project!

Delegating Complex Tasks: What if I want to do any complex tasks in my agile software project, like a Project Manager or a Business Analyst? Is that possible? That is, I want to really delegate my work on it, define complex tasks, actually a plan of work, and delegate it to a truly autonomous AI member. Is that possible? Starting in June in a private beta it is possible. Stay tuned!!!

Availability Across Platforms: This AI team member will be available only for Jira? No, this AI team member will be available initially for Jira, Asana, Azure DevOps, and coming soon for any tool that provides a REST API to work with.

Current Availability: Our AI assistant and agent are already available in the Atlassian Marketplace for Atlassian Jira. Try them out today!

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Matias Molinas