Exploring the Power of AI with Project Copilot: Journey from CodeLab to Real-World Application

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At Project Copilot, we ardently believe in the transformative potential of AI in the realm of coding. Today, we’re excited to share an instance of this belief coming to life through a recent CodeLab experiment.

Breaking Down the CodeLab

To truly get a sense of the impact an AI assistant can have on project development, we decided to forge a Fitness App. This App leverages the Google Fit Rest API to deliver daily calories count and health score. We went through the project development process three times – once conventionally without AI, once with GitHub Copilot, and finally with our Project Copilot.

Project Outcomes

Without any AI advantages, the project required 10 power-packed hours and resulted in 3 bugs across the 4 user stories. But, when we had GitHub Copilot on our side, we accomplished the task in merely 1 hour!

Yet, the real paradigm shift was experienced when we developed the same project with Project Copilot. The completion time was as impressive as with GitHub Copilot, but our AI assistant took project planning to another level of streamlined efficiency. The result? ZERO bugs, ZERO rework, and ZERO deviation!

A Sneak Peek into Project Copilot

For those unfamiliar with Project Copilot, here’s a YouTube video providing an introductory overview of what it is and how it functions. This will offer a better understanding of the capacities of AI in coding and project development.

Diving Deeper

The ability of Project Copilot to take lessons from previous Epics, User Stories, SubTasks, and Design Documents lends an excellent finishing touch to the code, thus reducing bugs and improving overall efficiency.

We also shared our journey on Twitter and sparked some interesting conversations. You can review this conversation and exchange your thoughts using the embedded tweet below:

You’re Invited!

We’re thrilled to bring you closer to this exciting journey. Use this link to explore our CodeLab’s GitHub Repository: GitHub Repository. Feel free to experiment with the code and tell us what you think.

Join us as we charter a course towards an efficient, bug-free future in project development with AI in command. Remember, the course of the journey is always exciting when you’re part of the driving force!

We look forward to your feedback and insights!

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Matias Molinas