Meet the Pioneering Team Behind Project Copilot


Project Copilot is an advanced AI assistant revolutionizing user story creation in Atlassian Jira. Proudly is part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, this project signifies a leap forward in AI and documentation technology. This post introduces the core team, including our esteemed co-founders, who are at the heart of this transformative venture.

Co-Founders Introduction:

  • Matias Molinas, Co-Founder and CTO: As the Chief Technology Officer and Developer Relations lead, Matias embodies the technological innovation at the core of Project Copilot. His leadership in AI and software development not only defines our tech strategy but also bridges vital connections within the developer community.

  • Joaquin Meza, Co-Founder and CFO: Joaquin, our Chief Financial Officer, orchestrates the financial strategy and management of Project Copilot. His expertise is key to navigating the project through avenues of sustainable growth and operational success.

Our Development Team:

  1. Francisco: Spearheading the development of the User Interface (UI) and Assistant Workflows, Francisco’s role is crucial in making Project Copilot both user-friendly and secure.

  2. Esteban: Responsible for the Agent workflows, Esteban ensures seamless and efficient interactions between users and the AI assistant, contributing significantly to the project’s success.

  3. Nasim: Specializing in Semantic Search, Nasim is pivotal in enhancing the AI’s understanding and response accuracy, thereby empowering users to create detailed and relevant user stories.

  4. Jesica: Heading Quality Assurance (QA), Jesica’s role in testing and refining Project Copilot is vital in ensuring a reliable and error-free experience for users.