Project Copilot User Manual

Project Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that revolutionizes the way you create and manage epics, user stories, and sub-tasks in Atlassian Jira. By leveraging related user stories, linked design documents from Atlassian Confluence, and adaptive learning capabilities, Project Copilot generates high-quality content tailored to your project’s unique needs.

Project Copilot Assistant

Writing User Stories

  1. Begin by writing a concise description of your user story, such as a requirement statement.
  2. Click the Assistant Write button, and Project Copilot will transform your draft into a fully-fledged user story.
  3. Click the Write button again, and Project Copilot will generate the Acceptance Criteria for the user story.
  4. Subsequent clicks on the Write button will prompt Project Copilot to create the Technical Reference and Scenarios sections for the user story.
  5. To generate a Semantic Review section, use the <review> command followed by the relevant content, and click the Write button.
<review>This PR adds code for user story 2, which involves integrating with the Google Fitness API to retrieve step count data. It includes the necessary JavaScript code to authenticate the user, obtain an access token, and make a request to fetch the step count for the current day</review>
  1. For additional sections or personalized content, use the custom instructions command <instruction> followed by your specific requirements, and click the Write button. This will generate a new section based on your instructions, such as an Implementation Details section containing code snippets, diagrams, or other technical content.
<instruction>Write the Implementation Details section for the user story, including code snippets for the critical components and a markdown mermaid diagram, if required, to provide better explanations</instruction>

Custom instructions can also be used to modify the content of generated sections, such as adding a new scenario to the Scenarios section, changing the user or action of the user story, or reducing the acceptance criteria to the three most relevant items.

<instruction>Add a new scenario to the Scenarios section for the user story</instruction>
<instruction>Change the user of the user story to a different one</instruction>
<instruction>Reduce the acceptance criteria to the 3 most relevant items</instruction>

Custom instructions are available for epics, user stories, and sub-tasks. In the current version of the assistant, custom instructions are the primary method for generating additional content for epics and sub-tasks. Future versions will introduce workflows for epics and sub-tasks similar to those for user stories.

Project Copilot Agent

Learning and Adapting User Story Workflows from a Template

  1. Select an existing user story that exemplifies your desired writing style for your project.
  2. Press the Agent Learn button on this template story.
  3. The Agent will analyze and learn the sections and narrative style of each section within the story.
  4. When creating a new user story, write a brief draft and click the Agent Write button to generate each section incrementally.
  5. The Agent will compose the user story following the learned sections and narrative style from the template.

Remember, the Project Copilot Agent is designed to adapt to your specific writing style and project needs, providing a highly personalized tool for your software development process.

Please note that the Project Copilot Agent is a work in progress and is currently available only for user stories. Future versions will expand its functionality to support all types of issues, including epics, sub-tasks, and user-defined issue types such as risks or bugs.